Local Children Delighted By Magic Mr. Nick At Hempstead County Library

Local children were delighted with the magical show of Magic Mr. Nick who performed at the Hempstead County Library today. The kiddos were elated by his performance which consisted of frequent jokes, charming tricks, and even some educational tidbits thrown in the mix. Magic Mr. Nick comes from Memphis and has been a favorite of children in Hope for many summers. Library Director Courtney McNiel shared with SWARK.Today the enthusiasm of the library crew at having Mr. Nick perform today. McNiel said, “We love it when Magic Mr. Nick comes here. We’ve been collaborating with him for years and he’s always one of our most popular performers. The kids get so excited and he draws a big crowd.” Magic Mr. Nick said he looks forward to entertaining the kids of Hope and Hempstead County every year. He said, “I always enjoy coming to Hope. These people here are special and I love this library.” Magic Mr. Nick proved that with a great show, and the kids were overjoyed.

This show is just of many events taking place as part of the Tales and Tails summer at the Hempstead County Library. The next event is Animalogy July 19 at 3:00 pm. Follow the the Hempstead County Library Facebook page for more details.

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