Local kids enjoy musical fun

A children's concert performed by Brian and Terri Kinder was held at the HC Library

Local children that attended the kid’s concert at the Hempstead County Library Thursday got to be part of the excitement as the singers Brian and Terri Kinder interacted with the local kids with subjects ranging from “Crazy Hair” to “Stinky Poo” skunks.

Kinder, the German word for children is their real name, according to the musician’s website information.
They worked in the library summer theme of science by singing and talking about the earth and other planets.

He let the children experience hands on  fun with his toy dogs, teddy bears, and inflatable ball of the earth.
He also included in his variety of fun what he calls “spooky songs” (that he mixes with humor) with a hit called “I Want my Bone Back.”

The children did not escape the show without being sprayed with skunk spray of which he finally informed the crowd was water. But not until all of them felt enough spray that everyone let out their own loud shrieks and squeals.

Brian Kinder has indexed over 540 recordings also according to the website literature. He said the couple performs hundreds of children’s shows.


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