Locals gather to see American Freedom Convoy

Local citizens of the area gathered on bridges over I-30 today to catch a glimpse of the American Freedom Convoy as it passed through Southwest Arkansas. This convoy is made of truck drivers and citizens who are traveling together to Washington D.C. as a demonstration of peaceful protest to the COVID19 mandates.

One family standing on the Emmet overpass said they read about the convoy on Facebook and decided to stop and see if they could witness the convoy as it traveled through the area. When asked why they felt it was important to support the cause, one citizen answered, “Somebody has to do something. At least they are trying.” 

There are multiple legs of the convoy currently traveling the U.S., and according to a statement released from their media relations personnel, they plan to meet in the Washington D.C. area on March 7th to continue their peaceful and lawful protest. Click HERE to see the full press release from the American Freedom Convoy. 

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