Log Truck Rear-Ends Two Cars at 278 and Melrose

According to witnesses, a woman was injured Monday when her car was struck from behind by a log truck and  knocked into the rear of another car while stopped on Highway 278 at the intersection with Melrose Lane.

Witnesses said the woman was traveling west on Highway 278 behind a Ford Mustang in her Chevrolet Cruze when the driver of the Mustang slowed to a stop to make a left turn onto Melrose lane. According to the witnesses, both the Mustang and the Cruze were at a complete stop when a log truck approached from behind and did not appear to slow down before crashing into the Cruze from behind and knocking it into the rear of the Mustang. Witnesses said the impact pushed both vehicles about 20 yard past the intersection.

Witnesses who work at businesses at the intersection openly complained about the intersection, one of the most frequent locations for crashes in the area, and the log truck traffic that travels through. One man said the trucks are back-and-forth through the area all day, every day and said he regularly observes many of them driving too fast and carelessly through the intersection.

Though witnesses said the truck did not appear to slow down before striking the cars, there were signs of skid marks on the highway leading up to the spot where the crash occurred.

Two crews from Pafford EMS responded to the scene but the driver of the Cruze was the only one who complained of any injuries. Medics helped the woman to the ambulance to check her injuries. One crew tended to woman from the Cruze while others directed traffic until a Hempstead County Deputy and Arkansas State Trooper could arrive on scene.

The driver ultimately decided against being transported to the hospital.

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Arkansas State Police investigated the crash.

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