Martin’s Christmas in a Box

In order to keep customers, families and people in general connected this Christmas season, when many are isolated from loved ones, Martin’s in Hope has created Christmas boxes.

You can pick up a box filled with Christmas spirit and gifts, of course, to give to a family member, teen, grandchild or a friend without even having to shop. All you need to do is send Martins the age and sizes of the person on your list and they will assemble and get a Christmas box ready for pick up for your loved one.

As they send invoices, they are utilizing a questionnaire about the person to whom the box will be given in order to get a better idea of their likes/dislikes before filling the box with items that will make their Christmas brighter.

Martin’s has gift items for all ages, snacks, socks, tees, an array of unique gifts in store that they will box up neatly for your Christmas giving.

Each box will be a surprise but they will choose the items based on the details you provide about each person, their individual box and your specific price range.

You can find more information on Martin’s Facebook page HERE

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