Memory Gardens Offers Free Burial Program for Veterans through Herndon Fuqua

In an effort to honor our Veterans for their service to our nation, Hillcrest Memorial Park and Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Texarkana as well as Memory Gardens Cemetery in Hope, Arkansas have implemented a free burial program for Veterans.  As of November 2019, all Veterans who have been honorably discharged from the military will receive a free burial space, a free outer burial container, a free open and close, and a free monument to mark their grave.  There are no restrictions or qualifications other than they must have been honorably discharged and they must reside within forty-five miles of the cemetery.

“We are grateful for the service our Veterans have given to our country, and we are honored to be able to serve them in return,” said Vickers Fuqua, President.  “They have given so much for our country and want to do our part to give back to them.

Hillcrest Memorial Park, Memorial Gardens Cemetery, and Memory Gardens Cemetery are part of the Fuqua Family of Funeral Homes owned by Vickers and Thomas Fuqua.  Originally founded by their grandfather in 1939 Texarkana Funeral Home has served the families of Texarkana for over 80 years.  Their father, Tommy Fuqua expanded into New Boston with the purchase of Bates-Rolf Funeral Home in the 1990’s, then later built Chapelwood Funeral Home in Nash, Texas and another funeral home on the Arkansas side of Texarkana to better serve Miller County residents.  In 2016, Vickers and Thomas Fuqua purchased Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Texarkana, Arkansas, and in late 2017, they purchased funeral homes in Hope, Prescott, and Gurdon, Arkansas, changing the names to Herndon-Fuqua Funeral Homes.  With this purchase they also acquired Memory Gardens Cemetery in Hope, Arkansas.

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