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Moms, Deserts and the Sanctuary

Courtesy of Daniel Bramlett

I read a piece of a Psalm last week that stuck with me. You’ve been there before. You saw, heard, read something that worked its way into a niche and stayed for a while. Psalm 68 creates a new name for God that I haven’t read before. “The God Who Rides Through the Deserts.” In another part David calls Him “The One Who Marched Through the Wilderness.” I just love those names!

This Psalm is directed at those who’ve been ostracized, abandoned, or forgotten. I don’t know your circumstances right now, but I know the God who rides through the deserts. He is moving in the empty places as we speak.

David writes, “The Father of the fatherless and protector of widows is God in His holy habitation. God settles the solitary in a home; He leads out the prisoners to prosperity…” He’s the God who marches through the wilderness.

These words are so comforting to me! These names are not qualified for the most deserving. God is not moving through only the deserts of the worthy, the religious, or the ones who have tithed the most. He is familiar with every desert out there. He has walked every single lonely path you and I can find. He is not partial to the wilderness of some. His choice to invade our space, especially the darkest spaces, is often and on purpose. We serve a God who seeks out the solitary and the hurting. Take joy, dear child, you are not alone in your desert.

This Sunday is Mother’s Day. Every person reading this has a mom. Thank goodness, right! We all know our moms have endured their share of deserts on our behalf. Pregnancy was enough! The months that followed were even harder. (I’m sure, though I can’t say ever carried a baby…) Late nights, bodily fluids being sprayed everywhere, broken appliances because of overuse (washing machines, dish washers), short moments of peace interrupted, general mayhem for months. This became a cycle that was repeated for each child and in some cases is still going on! I’m going out on a limb here, but it is a pretty thick one…our moms need a God who rides through the deserts.

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Mom, know that you are LOVED! We can say that often, but it is whole other voice I’m writing for at this moment. Our Faithful Father sees you where you are. He knows your heart. He’s walked your wilderness before. He understands your loneliness. He will not abandon you. Do not think for a minute that you are all alone.

“Blessed be the Lord who daily bears us up!” He will always be the One who keeps the darkness from getting too close. He is forever the One who rescues His children from the desert. David writes, “Your procession is seen…into the sanctuary.” The depicted scene is a holy march; a beautiful procession from the desert into the sanctuary. God has come to bring us back!

One year when I was in grade school I had a particularly tough time. The car line at the end of the day was my favorite part. When I saw our big, purple car coming through the line my spirits would soar! I knew my momma was on her way to pull me out. I loved the comfort of knowing I had a place in the sanctuary. My parents had a room for me and it was ready. As hard as the day had been, I knew I could always go home. I’ll never forget the feeling of seeing my mom in the procession. Joy is real and present in the desert, folks. That wasn’t my first desert and it hasn’t been my last. But neither was the rescue.

How many times have you been carried into the sanctuary by the arms of The One Who Marches Through the Wilderness? This time will be no different. Do not despair. You have never been alone. Even in the moments when you felt like you were completely forgotten, God was there. God IS there. Trust Him to carry you home.

Mom, you have to check out Psalm 68. The One who makes “the going out of the morning and the evening shout for joy” is waiting on you.

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