Morris Still Arkansas Head Coach

Nate Allen
FAYETTEVILLE – Chad Morris left Saturday’s postgame press conference still as Arkansas’ head football coach. Speculation ran  heavy that Morris, now 4-18 in his two Arkansas seasons and 0-14 in the SEC and coming off Saturday’s 45-19 loss at Reynolds Razorback Stadium to Western Kentucky of Conference USA, would part from Arkansas like his predecessor Bret Bielema, fired postgame after a SEC loss to Missouri here finished his season 4-8, 1-7 in the SEC.Morris insists he’s the man for the Arkansas job  and knew when hired from SMU in December, 2017 that the Razorbacks were in for a long rebuilding with a lot of growing pains that he admitted makes fans, himself, staff  and players “incredibly frustrated.”

“This is not an overnight fix,” Morris said. “We’ve seen that now for two years.  We’re all incredibly frustrated but we have a big youth movement on this team and a lot of young guys that are contributing and who will be tremendous football players. Where we are right now with these guys we have some major deficiencies that we have to fix, we have to fill. This is not an overnight fix.”

Athletic Director Hunter Yurachek, expected to spend at least part of today at Orange Beach, Ala. for the SEC champion Razorbacks’ women’s soccer team SEC Tournament championship game with South Carolina, and Morris and do traditionally meet on Sundays after Arkansas football games, Morris said. A Sunday meeting seems a certainty if not sooner overnight. “We talk each and every Sunday and go through the program in depth each week and go through the game,”  Morris said. “ He and I will continue to visit.”

“So he still thinks he’s the man for the job?”

“Absolutely. I am the guy,” Morris said.  “There’s no question. I knew that this was going to take some time. I knew this was going to be a process of recruiting and developing and building, especially in this conference. I knew the strains that take place weekly in this conference and the depth that it needs to be successful. Right now, we don’t have that. We’ve got to go get that and we’ve got to recruit to it, and we’ve got to continue to develop. Right now, it’s unfortunate we’re playing as many young guys as we’re playing, but that’s the truth.”

Morris said recruiting is Arkansas’ way out and his ability to recruit, particularly in Texas where he coached high school ball for 16 years, is a part of it that he has done well.

“I knew from just looking at all the other SEC programs  to get this program where it needs to be and the areas and the footprint that you need to recruit in,” Morris said. “That was part of the reason why I got the job, is because our recruiting and our footprint. That hasn’t changed and it’s not gonna change. We have got to continue to recruit, we’ve got to continue to develop and that’s where we are.  Everybody’s frustrated with that and I get it. I am too. But I also understand that to get this thing right, it’s going to take some time in this league.”

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