Natalie James praises teen for raising $2 million for abortion access, hails Kansas win for reproductive rights

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS―Natalie James, Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate, released the following statement on Olivia Julianna raising more than $2 million for abortion access and a win for reproductive rights in Kansas.

“Representative Matt Gaetz recently attempted to body shame nineteen-year-old political activist Olivia Julianna and other young women working hard to secure reproductive healthcare for all. This repugnant rant aimed at a teenager is the antithesis of the behavior we should expect from a sitting member of Congress and I condemn his statements wholeheartedly.

Words like Gaetz’s are spoken to shame young women into the shadows, but rather than being dismayed, Olivia did what she and many other young people do best: She took action. I want to congratulate Olivia for raising over $2 million for abortion access in the days following Gaetz’s horrendous attack. Olivia’s swift decision to turn hate into an opportunity to assist countless individuals in need of reproductive healthcare is the archetype of activism. And through her action, she has further empowered a generation of young people to take action as well.

We will continue to see this movement build across our nation. Just yesterday we witnessed the voters of Kansas show up to the polls in droves to vote for preserving access to reproductive freedom. This overwhelming vote in favor of reproductive choice and Olivia’s mass fundraising efforts show us what we already know: Americans are ready for change. As a former surrogate mother, I understand the importance of reproductive healthcare and the urgency to address maternal mortality rates in all states. I will always be a steadfast champion of reproductive healthcare rights for all Americans. And with the help of activists and voters from all over our country, I know we will regain the right to reproductive freedom.”

Natalie James

*Natalie James is a lifelong Arkansan and single working mother of two. As Arkansas’s next US Senator, James will fight to pass legislation that protects and improves the lives of working-class Americans.*

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