Nevada County Junior Auxiliary Hosts Annual Community Coffee

The Junior Auxiliary (JA) of Nevada County hosted their Annual Community Coffee this morning at the Nevada County Library. The ladies went all out with decorations, food, and conversation which provided a pleasant atmosphere for members of the community who participated in the event. Between the tasty treats and the friendly welcome provided by the chapter, citizens in attendance were given a bright start to their day.

JA President Donisha Purifoy shared with SWARK.Today the organization’s enthusiasm for this annual event. “We’re excited to be able to host this Community Coffee so we can communicate with others the purpose of our organization,” Purifoy said. “On a local and national level, we’re a group of women who come together and celebrate the community any way we can. Our primary focus is children and their welfare, so we try to be available if we get a request for a child in need, plus we have fundamentals in place to raise money for children and provide services.”

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