Nevada County, Prescott officials say power outage work, clearing roads nearly complete

Prescott City Hall in downtown Prescott.

Officials in charge of dealing with the aftermath of the ice storm in Nevada County and Prescott told us that as of Friday afternoon, they were seeing little work needing to be done before completing the tasks of clearing streets of debris.

Russ Ghormley, Foreman of the Nevada County Road Department, said, “We started at daylight yesterday morning and we’re winding up today. We’ve been at it all day today. We’ve covered a lot of ground and are making progress. But we like just a few places. The main problem we’re having now is waiting for the power company, and we have to wait on them, because you can’t do anything till they get the lines cleared.”

The road crew’s task right now is to make sure roads are cleared for traffic. Cale Road is still blocked by one tree, “and there is a power line involved,” Ghormley said. The same is true just south of Willisville. The clean-up portion of the road crew’s duties will have to wait until the task of clearing roads are completed.

The work began early Thursday morning for Ghormley and about 13 Nevada County Road workers, he said.  “Yesterday was kind of hectic, but today, and we were busy here with everybody doing their part. I’ve got to give them a pat on the back. Today went pretty smooth. It was just a lot of work.”

Ghormley also credits the public for alerting the city about where the problem areas were as well as the city’s staff for relaying those reports to the crew.  He said he was also impressed by how patient the people of the county are being in the wake of the ice storm and how willing they are to offer assistance themselves. “For the most part, most of them are patient when they’ll call in and make us aware of the problem, but, and some of them actually, some of these guys with tractors, farmers, especially, they get out and help us, you know, do what they can, and that’s worth a whole lot right there.”

Inside Prescott, the city’s Business Manager, Bruce Bean, said power had been completely restored except for cases in which electrical meters had been separated from properties and that as of this afternoon electricians are addressing those issues.

Bean advised customers not to go near downed power lines and to report sightings of these if they haven’t already to the city at 1 (870) 887-2210.

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