Nevada County Quorum Court Adopts Logging Ordinance and Talks Food Distribution and Fall Festival

The Nevada County Quorum Court met September 8 at 5 pm for their regular monthly meeting. The meeting began with prayer and the pledge of allegiance, then they moved on to approve the minutes from last months meeting. 

Assistant Deputy Prosecutor Ben Hale with the 8th North Task Force attended the meeting to present the updated ordinance pertaining to the logging ordinance being put in place for Nevada County. The board passed the approval of the ordinance and adopted it into affect. The changes from the version of the ordinance presented at last months meeting were small; removing the record keeping fee and requirement of logging companies to give the make, model and license plate numbers of the vehicles being used for their logging. If the guidelines of the ordinance are violated, the logging company can lose their rights to log in the county for up to 12 months, receive a fine amounting to $500 and have to serve 6 months in the county jail. In order to receive their permit to log with in the county, they must file an application with the County Clerk consisting of the applicants driver’s license, with correct name address and phone numbers and the legal business name and address of the logging company that will be cutting the timber. They will also need to provide the address or location information where they will be logging, the name of the individuals or subcontractors transporting the timber or logging equipment for the company, and the information for all vehicles being used by the company. The County Judge will have 2 days after the application is filed to approve the application and, in doing so, the permit will be valid for 90 days. If the county receives education of ordinance violations, action will be taken to determine the matter. 

Amy McLane representing the CADC was present at the meeting and shared that there will be another food distribution in the area, being that the last one was such a success. The next distribution will take place on October 22nd of this year, but they will need volunteers to help prepare the items on the 21st at the Potlach Building. She shared that the CADC has run out of funds to assist citizens with utility expenses. 

Executive Director of the Prescott Nevada County Economic Development Office, Mary Godwin shared that the grant application submitted to the DFA by the NCSO for $92,000 is on hold awaiting a final decision. Chris Fore shared that the slab has been completed at the Laneburg Fire Department but the building has not yet been constructed due to weather conditions. Delays have taken place at the Oak Grove Community Center due to the pandemic, but a meeting on construction will take place on September 14th. 

Jamie Hillery, Chamber of Commerce Director was present to share information on upcoming events with the Chamber. They will be proceeding with Trick or Treat on Elm Street on October 29 at 5:30pm and the Fall Festival and Trade Days on October 10 9am-4pm. It will be smaller than usual, being that only a certain amount of vendors are able to come due to COVID-19 regulations, the event will be more spread out allowing for social distancing. She shared that they are working on some projects.

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