Nevada County Quorum Court approve to give $500 bonuses to all full time Nevada County employees

The Nevada County Quorum Court approved to give all full time Nevada County employees $500 bonuses for COVID-19 relief Tuesday evening after Bob Cummings brought the proposal to the floor.

Cummings said Tuesday at the monthly Nevada County Quorum Court meeting that he had been talking to the sheriff and was told that Nevada County were down seven jailers due to many of them moving to Hempstead County for better pay.

“I honestly don’t see how y’all do it with a family,” Cummings said to a court room filled with full time Nevada County employees and their families, of which included jailers, that were invited to the meeting. “It would be hard just as an individual.”

Willie Wilson, another member of the Nevada County Quorum Court, fully agreed with what Cummings had to say about how little Nevada County jailers were being paid.

“I totally agree,” he said. “I’m like Bob, I don’t see how these employee make it with the salary that they do.”

Not even a minute before Cummings brought this proposal to the floor, the Nevada County Quorum Court approved of the American Rescue Plan Act for COVID-19 relief, which will be used to help give the bonus to the Nevada County employees.

The proposal was approved unanimously and was met with applause and numerous thank you’s from the employees and their families that were in attendance at the meeting that night. According to Cummings, all employees will get the bonuses “as soon as they can write the checks.”

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