Nevada County Quorum Court approve to start a new broadband plan for Falcon

The Nevada County Quorum Court met Tuesday to approve the start of a new broadband internet plan for the community of Falcon, holding off on a full approval in case the money for the almost $500,000 plan doesn’t come in.

A local resident, her husband and her two kids were in attendance to talk about their struggles with lack of internet access during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When you say our options for internet are limited, they’re pretty much non existent for my household other than satellite,” she said. “When COVID hit and my boys were trying to school at home, it was quite a challenge. [My husband] is a college professor and was teaching from home and I was teaching anger management classes from home. Only one person at a time could use the internet.”

Buster Brady, Director of Plant Operations at Townes Telecommunications working with Walnut Hill Telephone Company, came in to propose the plan to the court. The start of the plan was unanimously approved by the court.

“I appreciate so much the court’s attention to this matter and willingness to not only listen but to hear us,” the local resident said about the court’s decision.

The court also unanimously approved of the county’s coroner, David Gummeson, to also be hired as the electrician for the county jail. The court also discussed how the county jail was down six employees due to previous employees moving to other counties for better pay.

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