Nevada County Quorum Court Approves $100K For Bills

The Nevada County Quorum Court met tonight and approved $100,000 to spend on specific bills for the jail and other departments of the county. Clerk Julie Oliver reported that a few bills were overdue and needed to be paid. It was proposed that part of the $363K still left in the account from the CARES Act be used to cover these bills and other expenditures for the county. The initial proposal was that $60K be spent paying the county’s ACA (Workman’s Comp) bill, $40K go to the jail for the food bill and other expenses, $100K go to Road and Bridge, $100K be put in a CD at the bank, and the remainder stay in the account. After a small debate and a request from a few members that an itemized statement be compiled by the finance committee, the final approval was for the $100K for the ACA and jail bills, with a request that the finance committee convene soon to make the report and a special meeting be called again in two weeks to review and then the Quorum Court would decide what to do with the rest of the money. 

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