Nevada County Quorum Court Approves Bonus For Hourly Employees

The Nevada County Quorum Court met this evening and passed a resolution to give county hourly employees a $500 bonus. Mr. Fore brought the motion saying that the employees have shown up every day during these difficult times while knowingly taking risks of exposure to COVID19, and he felt they deserved a little something extra. Mr. Wilson seconded the motion saying he believed it to be a compassionate gesture. Final, unanimous approval was for $550 so after taxes the employees would receive the full amount of the bonus. Another ordinance passed this evening was for a special revenue to be added to the books called the County Library ARP Fund. The library has received a $10,000 Grant and asked for the designation of these funds. Mr. Cummings made the motion for approval, Mr. Wilson seconded the motion, and the ordinance was passed with unanimous approval. In other business, Judge Glass gave an update on the Nubbin Hill Bridge by saying that the county has done all they can do at this point and are waiting on the contractors to finish their part. Also this evening, Mr. Cummings asked the court to bring the AFLAC representative back for county employees to have an opportunity to add or update their insurance plans. Mr. Wilson added to this by asking that the times be arranged so all who chose to participate could attend. The motion was approved and Judge Glass said he would make the arrangements.

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