Nevada County Quorum Court makes approvals for local grants

The Nevada County Quorum Court met this evening and approved Ordinance 0-22-1, the Library ARP Grant Budget. The Library received a $5,000 grant last year, as well as this year, for computers and part-time salary. Some funds were left over from last year, so those funds were included in this year’s budget, in addition to estimated revenue. The budget has to be filed with the county clerk so the library can receive this year’s grant. The Quorum Court voted and approved the ordinance.

Another local grant that needed some assistance was the Oak Grove community grant. Court members needed to pass a fair housing resolution in order for the community to receive the grant. Judge Glass said he went with JP Coleman to Oak Grove last week to sign all the necessary papers, and the fair housing resolution was the last thing needed for the grant to be approved. The Quorum Court voted on and approved the resolution.

In other business, the jail standards report was given to the Quorum Court for review and Judge Glass gave an update on the Nubbin Hill Bridge Project. He said the county has done everything on its end of the deal, and right now the contractor is just waiting on materials before he begins to tear down the old bridge. Work will begin when all equipment and materials are in place and ready to go.

JP Grimes asked for a quick minute to give recognition to those who helped make the Crew Development Contest a success last week. She said 740 students from all over the state attended the event. Appreciation for a job well done and lending a hand were given to the following: Nevada County, Nevada County 4-H, Nevada County Cooperative Extension Service, Nevada High School FFA, OYEA, Prescott High School FFA, Prescott School District, U of A Cooperative Extension Service, SAU Alumni FFA, U of A Livestock Judging, U of A Research Extension Office, Farm Credit for feeding them, Mary and Lauren for hospitality, and Ricky and Gail Reddin.

In other discussions, Judge Glass informed the court that guidelines have changed for the CARES Act funds, and he asked the Quorum Court to consider using some of the funds for certain roads around the county now that it is an allowable expense. JP Fore announced a political rally will be held at the old Laneburg fire station with hamburgers and a cake sale on April 23rd. He said the food was free for all, and donations can be made if one so chooses. JP Wilson asked for the county to consider adopting a hiring policy that any courthouse positions be made open to the public for applications and interviews so all individuals have the opportunity to apply. JP Wilson also had a suggestion for use of the CARES Act funds: each quorum court member select a community organization in their district or whom they are affiliated with (an example given was Junior Auxiliary) and the Quorum Court donate $1,000 to each of these organizations. JP Cummings asked that the county consider updating the fax machines to include scanners and do away with the old fax lines.

The next Nevada County Quorum Court meeting will be held April 12th.

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