Nevada County Quorum Court: Nubbin Hill Project Update

The Nevada County Quorum Court met this evening and since no new business was on the agenda, they did a bit of housekeeping. After prayer, pledge, and roll call, the court approved last month’s minutes, plus the financial statement following a brief discussion. When considering the financial statement, Mrs. Grimes asked for an itemized statement for record-keeping purposes, and other members reviewed what specific purchases have been made previously. 

Mr. Cummings asked Judge Glass to make inquiries about the cost and semantics of getting a fuel tank for the county and determining if it would help cut the cost of fuel. Judge Glass said he would look into this and report back. 

In old business, regarding the Nubbin Hill project, Judge Glass and Mr. Cummings relayed the contractor’s latest report, stating only a few tasks and some testing remained so by the end of the month, barring no further delays, the area might be turned back over to the county. 

There was no new business on the agenda, so the floor was opened for questions. Mr. Cummings made a request to make phone calls and inquire about what effect President Biden’s vaccine mandate will have on the county, and Mr. Fore asked what services were offered for veterans in Nevada County. 

The meeting was adjourned by Judge Glass and will reconvene October 12th.

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