Nevada Cty Quorum Court Discusses 2021 Budget, Approves Christmas Bonuses for County Employees

The Nevada County Quorum Court met this afternoon to discuss the matters on the agenda. Following the pledge and invocation, they approved the financial statements. 

Nevada County Extension Agent, Stacy Stone attended the meeting and said “With it being a slow time of year for farmers and hunting coming to an end, we’re trying to make a big push to test soil on as much land as possible.” He offered to test the properties owned by the court members, which is free of charge and beneficial and he provided information on what can be done to improve land and soil. “We are just trying to encourage people to have this done as much as possible,” he said. A Nevada County 4H Agent stated, “Last month we were able to do a canned food and non-perishable food drive, in partnership with our 4H club and many others in the area.” She said it was a great success and they look forward to doing it again next year. 

Nevada County Chamber of Commerce Director, Jamie Hillery was present to share an update about the Chamber. She shared that she is currently working on getting the 2021 Nevada County Partnership and Community Directory completed with all up-to-date business and community information. “We are also working on a Shop Local campaign called 22 Days of Shopping Big in a Small Town. We will we go in a different business everyday and promote them on social media and take pictures of all of their retail items to encourage people to shop local during the holiday season,” she said. Hillery also shared a flyer with the court pertaining to Dr. Vermont and his retirement after 33 years of service to the community. There will be a drive-thru retirement reception in honor of Dr. Vermont and people are encouraged to attend. 

Judge Glass said he still has not received an update on information for the Nubbinhill Bridge. 

Bob Cummings spoke about the 2021 Budget for Nevada County. The anticipated revenue of the county general fund is $1.8 million lower than the 2020 revenue. He stated that they recommend going with the budget configuration that includes Christmas bonuses for next year. This configuration includes a .50 cent raise for jailers and a .25 cent raise for jailing supervisors. A motion was made to accept the presented 2021 Budget, including Christmas bonuses for the county employees. The list of who will receive bonuses in 2021 has not been created yet.

Cummings then spoke on the Christmas bonuses for 2020, stating that full-time employees would receive $600 and part-time employees would receive $300. Bonuses will be prorated and based on how long the employees have been working for the county. “Legislative act 14-14-1205, which states the quorum court does not receive a Christmas bonus, was brought to my attention. It goes on to say that because of this act, all meetings held by the court, they will be paid for,” said Cummings. 

Julie Oliver shared the list of employees that would be receiving Christmas bonuses this year; employees from the County Clerks and Circuit Clerks office, Assessor, Treasurer, Extension Office cleaning lady, Health Department cleaning lady, Sheriff’s Deputies, an employee of the District Court, the jailers at the new jail, the dispatchers, the librarian, select solid waste employees and the road/bridge men. A motion was approved for the Christmas bonuses. 

Judge Glass shared that a Christmas lunch will take place at the fair grounds on the 23rd at 11:00 am for employees or anyone affiliated with the county.

Ashley with the Nevada County Jail reported that they have currently are housing 42 inmates and the revenue of the jail has increased steadily since the pandemic began. The revenue for November is setting around $29,000 but has not completed billing yet. 

The meeting was adjourned and they will reconvene in January for their next regular meeting. 

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