NEW FOR 2019: Lerew assumes District 6 seat on QC

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
As 2019 opens for the Hempstead County Quorum Court, one familiar face takes over for another as Troy Lerew, Sr., already well known for his volunteer work at Hempstead Hall, treasurer for the Hempstead GOP, or being the mayor of Oakhaven, assumes the District 6 seat held for years by the legendary Lynn Montgomery.
Tuesday afternoon, leading up to the ceremonial swearing in and first meeting of the new Quorum Court today, Lerew said he was ready to go to work and that he was already receiving phone calls from constituents regarding county roads.
“That’s what exactly what I’ve been hearing from folks. They’ve brought to my attention several county roads throughout district 6 that need work and repair, so that is something I want to look at,” Lerew said.
“We need county roads in good condition that won’t get washed away every time it rains; we want people have safe transpiration out there on the county roads,” he said.
Lerew, who has served as treasurer for the Hempstead County Republican committee, said he is also interested in county finances and the condition of the budget.
“I understand that we will have to look at things there in the next year, and there will be choices that will need to be made,” he said.
Since winning the District 6 seat outright in May 2018 without going through the November general election, Lerew said he has been attending the Quorum Court meetings, and he said he is excited for the upcoming year.
“There are some good things to be excited about. In the next year, we will be moving into our new courthouse in downtown Hope, which I think is a win-win situation. I think it is good for us, and I think it will do a lot for the revitalization of downtown Hope. I am excited for the transition,” Lerew said.
Lerew also said he is looking forward to working with the new County Judge, Jerry Crane, who will also be swore in with Lerew today.
“I know Jerry well; I’ve known him for over 40 years. I think he is going to do a fine job as the new County Judge and I’m proud to be coming in and working with him,” he said.
Originally from the city of York, also the county seat of York County, in southern Pennsylvania, Lerew arrived in Arkansas as a career truck driver in 1978. “I’ve driven and been physically in all 48 of the contiguous United States, every one but Hawaii and Alaska,” he said.
Lerew made a career out of driving for Hudson Foods, and later, Tyson, until he officially retired in 2014.
Lerew, now age 67, has remained active over the years, however, being a volunteer at Hempstead Hall, working at many of the concerts and shows, as well as mayor of Oakhaven from 2012-2018. He was also named as Hempstead County GOP state committee man in June.
He is also seen often with an informal “coffee club” in the Hope McDonalds, where he is the youngest of the group.
“Just me and a bunch of retired fellows from all trades and walks of life talking about life,” he said.

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