New Sign Welcoming Visitors to Hope Unveiled

Community groups including the Hope Beautification Committee, Hope Downtown Network, Hempstead County Tourism Commission, Hope Chamber Leadership Class, joined with members of the city government Monday morning to unveil a new sign welcoming visitors to Historic Downtown Hope.

The project has been in the works for several months and was headed up by members of the Hope Chamber Leadership Class. The design and construction of the sign was done by local artist Greg Wolfe. The sign was installed in a flowerbed facing Walnut and 3rd Street, across from the future location of the Court House. The total cost of the new signage was announced as $3,500. The Tourism Commission contributed $2,500 toward seeing the project come to fruition. The remaining $1.000 came from the Beautification Committee’s budget, which is already allocated within the City of Hope’s approved budget.

Chamber of Commerce Director Becky Moore, Hope Mayor Steve Montgomery, Beautification Committee member Steve Atchley and the sign’s creator, Greg Wolfe, spoke briefly before unveiling the sign to the public for the first time. Atchley said that there are still some things to do to see the project finished, including lighting and a stone path for those wanting to get their picture taken with the sign.

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