NHEW Salutes “Wild Bill” with Induction into Hall of Fame at Saturday Show

The New Hope Extreme Wrestling Federation held a memorial show on Saturday in honor of Wild Bill. At a ceremony at the starting bell, Bill’s fellow wrestlers in the NHEW remembered Bill as he was inducted into the NHEW 2022 Hall of Fame.

After the ceremony, the show kicked off with a matchup between special guest Charlie Haas and area favorite Razor Ray. Haas won the match due to disqualification when the NHEW Tag Team Champions “Destruction” interfered during the match. Because of the interference, Haas grabbed the microphone and promised that he would return for a future show where he will team up with Razor Ray to take on Destruction.

In the second match of the evening, Asa Morta defeated Alana Torres to become the new NHEW Women’s Champion.

The night’s third matchup saw Problem defeat Raydin Taylor as a lead in to the night’s Hardcore Championship Casket Match between Jaws of Life and Demon. Demon defeated his opponent to become NHEW Hardcore Champion.

At intermission, Karen Smith spoke about her 2022 re-election campaign for County Clerk, and a drawing was held for a television and stereo system.

The second half of the show began with Gideon Vane defeating K. Toomer to retain the NHEW World Champion title, followed by Arsonist winning the night’s Battle Royale with an “over the top rope” finish, becoming the number one contender for First Responder’s Southern Heritage title.

Tray Trouble then defeated Black Savage to become NHEW’s first United States Champion before the night’s final match where Hustler and Dixie defeated The Prophet in the Main Event.

The wrestlers of the New Hope Extreme Wrestling Federation will hold their next exhibition on Saturday, January 29th.

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