No Lighting, Only Thunder

Matt Hickey, Southern Outdoor Legacy

As the weather grows more pleasant and the temperatures start to rise, the feeling of winter despair starts to fade away. You often dream of this time of year, when the trees start to bloom, and it seems as though the earth is reborn. Lost are the days of chasing ducks in the swamp, and your mind carries you to an enchanting place, where the quiet, still mornings are broken by the sound of thunder.

Lost are the days of frozen hands, and frost bitten toes. These days only consists of new miles put on old boots. Chasing thunder amongst the tall trees, lost in an abundance of God’s creations. The birds are singing songs that could enchant any man. The woods are coming alive, and the sun has yet to even rise. You listen intently for the storm that is somewhere near. This storm doesn’t come with strong winds, or tornadoes, but causes mass chaos just the same.  This storm can tear a man apart, and leave his mind in shambles. Yes sir, this storm can do some damage, it can surely break you.

This storm is nothing more than a feathered bird, one that can see beyond comprehension, and can hear the slightest notion of a noise. This storm seems to know your every move before you can think it. Yet you still chase the thunder, knowing how it is likely to end. This storm can be so close it sends chills down your spine, and makes your hands shake like a canebrake rattler. Only to disappear in the distance, as if it were blown by a strong wind. Yet you still seek it out, playing this game of cat and mouse. This storm won’t leave much visible damage, just a broken heart, and worn out shoes. It can put a smile on your face, or bring a tear to your eye. No sir, this storm won’t tear your house down or rip up trees, but can do worse things. This storm will break a man’s soul and bring him to his knees.

Who would’ve thought that such a storm even existed? A storm that you seek out and embrace. Only a mad man would chase such a thing, as if he was pursuing his own destruction. A storm with no lighting, only thunder.

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