Observant Citizen Leads Deputies to Burglary Suspects, Stolen Property

Ohigee Swinger, age 18
Jordan Ray Davis, age 19

An observant citizen and quick response by the Hempstead County Sheriff’s Office brought a burglary spree to an end and recovered a significant amount of property, including guns and vehicles, and landed two young men in jail Monday.

According to Hempstead County Sheriff James Singleton, a call came in around 11:45 a.m. Monday, July 8 about two black males in the Guernsey, one in a red Lincoln Town Car and another on foot who the caller said attempted to steal a four-wheeler from their residence. When caught by the resident, the attempted theft of the four-wheeler came to an end and the male reportedly fled on foot but, as deputies discovered, it was not an isolated incident.

One resident in the 100 block of Hempstead 1002 reported leaving home around 9:30 a.m. only to return around 10:30 a.m. to find a truck, around 10 firearms and a Samsung TV were missing, and his house was ransacked. The resident told deputies that the cabinets in his living room had been rummaged through, his mattress and clothes were strewn around the master bedroom and his gun cabinet had been raided.

Deputy Becky Billings and Deputy Guadalupe Becerra were the first to respond to the area and located the Lincoln but the suspects reportedly fled on foot. Deputy Eric Garner reported that he observed a black male, who was later identified as Ohigee Swinger,18, of Rome, GA, wearing black red striped pants and green crocs, who was running down Hempstead County Road 2. Deputy Garner advised the subject to stop and detained him until the witness could make an identification.

Deputy Billings advised that she spoke with a citizen who advised her that the second subject they were attempting to find was in his front yard. Deputy Billings and other county units searched the area but did not initially locate the subject, who was later identified as Jordan Ray Davis, 18, of Hope, AR. Investigator McBride and Deputy Reyn Brown went Davis’ last known address on Highway 353 where they located him and took him into custody.

Deputies Arrested both Swinger and Davis and charged them both with residential burglary and eight counts of theft of property. Both appeared before Judge Randal Wright and bond was set at $75,000.00 with an August 12th Circuit Court Date.

At around 10 a.m. the following day, Investigator Justin Crane, Deputy Eric Garner and Investigator Jeremy Mc Bride conducted a search warrant on the red Lincoln Town Car. During the search, the deputies located one Glock G19 containing thirteen rounds of Tul Ammo, a pair of blue and white Nike Air shoes containing one bottle of Channell Allura Sport and one bottle of Polo Blue, one Sony PlayStation 4, one ninja turtle DVD, one call of duty black ops 3 PlayStation game, one Batman case, one Battlefield Hardline for XBOX 1, one Grand Theft Auto 5 Xbox 1 game and a Hope Lady cat bag containing a bottle of Dolce Gabbana The One, One Savage Dior, one camo PS 4 controller, one bottle of Upass urine, one pair of nail clippers, one orange Bic lighter, one pair of black and blue Nike shoes, two televisions (one Sharp 50 inch television and one Visio 48 inch television), a pair of Levi blue jeans, a ten pack of Michael Morgan crew socks, One bottle of Hydrocodone containing fifty pills, which belonged to the victim, one six pack of Hanes white tee shirts and one eight pack of Hanes briefs were seized from the vehicle. All property reported stolen was recovered and returned to the owner.

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