One Injured in Crash at 278 and Lakeshore

A Hempstead County woman was injured  Tuesday morning in a single-vehicle crash on Highway 278 E at Lakeshore Drive.

Tonya Harper was traveling west toward Hope on Highway 278 E Tuesday morning when her truck veered slightly off the shoulder causing the passenger side tires to drop into a deep ditch. Harper’s Dodge Ram struck the embankment at the intersection, doing damage to the front suspension and eliminating any ability to regain control of the truck.  Harper’s Dodge crossed Lakeshore, struck the curb and took out the stop sign, narrowly missing a power pole. Harper’s truck came to rest in the middle of the yard of the residence on the northwest corner of the Highway 278 and Lakeshore intersection.

Officers with the Hope Police Department and a crew from Pafford EMS responded to crash. HPD investigated and worked the intersection until the Street Department could get up a temporary stop sign. Pafford treated Harper and transported her to Wadley Regional Medical Center in Hope.

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