Pafford EMS teams deployed for North Carolina

Aiding in Hurricane Florence relief efforts

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On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Pafford EMS Special Response Teams initiated deployment to Spartanburg, North Carolina. They are currently staging in Spartanburg for assignments related to Hurricane Florence disaster relief. The company was notified to deploy at approximately 5:00 PM on Tuesday. Within three hours of notification by the Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA), 13 company ambulances, two wheelchair vans, and a supply trailer deployed with 31 disaster-trained and experienced paramedics and EMTs from Pafford EMS operations in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma.
Pafford EMS Special Response Teams spent more than 250 days away from home last year and in 2018 traveling to Texas, Florida and the USVI serving in the aftermath of hurricanes Harvey and Maria. The company’s SRT teams also deployed to offer service during northern California wildfires. Pafford is frequently deployed by FEMA due to its ability to produce an immediate response, because of the teams’ self-contained operations and due to Pafford SRT members’ experience and demonstrated skills.
Says Clay Hobbs, COO for Pafford and the “boots on the ground” SRT leader who is staged in Spartanburg, “We sincerely believe it is our mission to assist those in need during these natural disasters. Therefore, we recruit, train and staff adequate resources in all our service areas so we can quickly mobilize our SRT teams for deployments. Of course, regardless of these deployments, we are also adept at maintaining uninterrupted and on-time service for the on-going 9-1-1 calls in all our service areas.

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