Parent survey now available

Contributed by Ken McLemore, Communication Director, Hope Public Schools

HOPE – Families of Hope Public School District students will be given the opportunity to speak to the effectiveness of the district’s parental engagement in an electronic survey currently available on the HPSD’s social media platforms.
Assistant Superintendent for Federal Programs Portia Jones created the survey as part of the district’s ongoing parental engagement plan and policy.

The 16-question survey is in two-parts, the first 11 questions eliciting agreement or disagreement responses concerning the effectiveness of various parental engagement practices. The second part in questions 12-16 elicit subjective responses in the form of brief original comments from survey respondents.

Jones said the availability window for the survey will be open through May 24, the last day of classes in the school district.

The survey is available only in electronic format, which can be accessed via links on the district website, Facebook and Twitter platforms. The link on the district website is located directly beneath the district mission statement in the upper left quadrant of the website.

Families without direct social media access should contact the principal’s office of their student’s campus for access information.

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