Park & Pray Scheduled for Healthcare Workers

The Hope-Hempstead County Chamber of Commerce has planned a Park & Pray (in-car gathering) for Monday, April 6 7:00 PM – 7:15 PM on the Wadley Regional Medical Center parking lots. If you choose to participate, please adhere to the following rules:

  1. DO NOT BLOCK the drive from the Main Entrance parking to the ER parking lot
  2. DO NOT BLOCK the road in front of the Helipad
  3. Use three entrances so as not to cause congestion on Main Street. a. Bill Clinton Drive from the medical clinic b. Side road that leads to the ER parking lot and c. Main Entrance parking lot
  5. DO NOT HONK HORNS because we desire for the employees and patients (inside) to hear the music and prayers
  6. We will have one person voicing a collective prayer and one person ministering in song at the main entrance
  7. If you prefer to stay at home, please join in the prayer time at the appointed day and time
  8. For those on Facebook, the chamber will go “live”, so please “like” and “follow” the Hope Chamber on Facebook
  9. We encourage you to post prayers in the comments throughout the prayer time

Shelby Brown, with Wadley Regional Medical Center specifically stated a prayer request, “Please pray a shield of protection around all who continue providing care, so they can remain healthy and be able to serve.”

Beckie Moore, with the chamber said, “We certainly appreciate Wadley Regional allowing the prayer time on their parking lots, so we ask that everyone follow the rules in place.  We know our healthcare workers need prayers of encouragement and strength, so this night will be a time for collective prayers over those who are on the front-line during this challenging time in our lives.”

Park & Pray prayer times are taking place all across the U.S.   The chamber is thankful that our community can come together to offer our prayers for those in our community and beyond.

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