Hope Public Schools

Partner sign-up set for ‘Bobcats Work’

HOPE – An initiative to create community workforce experience for Hope High School students will move to the partnership stage Thursday, March 17, at Hempstead Hall on the University of Arkansas-Hope campus.

The 10 a.m. meeting in the Springhill Suite is sponsored by the Hempstead County Economic Development Corp. and Hempstead County Cooperative Extension Service in conjunction with the “Bobcats Work” program of the Hope Public Schools.

The meeting is open to any interested Hope or Hempstead County business, industry or public entity. Contact the HCEDC or HPS administration for questions.

HPS Superintendent Dr. Jonathan Crossley will provide information to local business partners to begin their participation in the program.

“Bobcats Work” is a junior and senior level high school employment skills development and experience partnership placing eligible Hope High School students directly into the local workforce. Participating businesses and industry in Hope and Hempstead County provide paid or unpaid positions for students to acquire skills and gain work experience to become productive post-graduation employees of their partner business or industry.

A kick-off meeting for the program was conducted in December, 2021, with participation by some two dozen public entities, local businesses and manufacturers.

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