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Press release: PAX – Program of Academic Exchange

From the office of Arnetta Bradford

Families are NEEDED!

I am currently in need of normal, imperfect, not rich, pizza night, Netflix-watching, hand-me-down wearing, great families to host one of our typical, normal, hormonal, acne-inflicted, thoroughly over-excited to come to the states, foreign exchange students! If you are a busy, over-scheduled, “things are tight around here” family, we want you! Please consider hosting today! I have students who need host families and are anxiously waiting to hear if they have one yet. Host an exchange student and learn a new language this year. Contact me for more information. 

Please share and help me find these kids a home. 

I am sharing below just a few of our kids from the past that have become family to us all. Help me make a few more dreams come true. 

I need 4 more families! 


Contact Arnetta Bradford 870-826-3465

Arnetta Bradford– Regional Development Manager

PAX – Program of Academic Exchange

Phone: 870.826.3465- Fax: 888.511.1601

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