Plaque Dedicated to the Graves Family Unveiled at the HUB Today

Today many within the community gathered at the HUB in downtown Hope to unveil a plaque dedicated to the Graves family for their service and dedication to the future of Hope.

Mayor Steve Montgomery thanked everyone for coming out and talked about the many great things the Graves family has done for the city of Hope.

” We do appreciate the Graves family for donating their land and giving us the opportunity for us to do this in downtown Hope so we can continue to grow from here. They have been a big part of Hope in the past and they will continue to be a big part of Hope in the future,” Mayor Montgomery said.

He thanked Jodi Coffee and the people with the Farmer’s Market for initially coming up with the idea on what to do with the property where the HUB now stands, one that has finally came to fruition.

The plaque was then unveiled and Mayor Montgomery read the engraving to the crowd:

“Former Graves & Graves Site. This site was donated to the city of Hope by the Graves family. Graves & Graves, attorneys at law occupied the site from 1984 through 2015. Mr. O. A. Graves began practicing law in Hope in 1902. When his son, Albert Graves, joined him in 1933, they founded Graves & Graves. Albert’s sons, Al Graves Jr. and John Robert Graves joined in 1961 and 1966, respectively. The City of Hope offers it’s sincere thanks to the Graves family for their vision and commitment to the future of Hope, as they continue the family’s long history of public service to the Hope community. City of Hope, Arkansas 2020.”

Two members of the Graves family, Julie and Allison were in attendance and said they could not think of a better place to represent their dad than a place where music would be played and food would be served.

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