Porter named as Ward 2 director in Arkadelphia on Tuesday

Board also hears Chamber report, considers ordinances

By Stephen Yates for SWARK Today

Election day came closer to home in Arkadelphia when Chris Porter was swore in as the Ward 2 Director on Tuesday night. After a lengthy executive session, the board voted 4-2 in favor of Porter.  Paul Bryant and Ben Chandler were also considered for the position. Porter is both a resident of Arkadelphia and lives in Ward 2. He is a graduate of Henderson State University and is a practicing psychotherapist. As he stated to the board, he has had interests in this position because of his desire “to be apart of something bigger” than himself and he believes his assets will be an important contribution to the board. He will serve until the term ends in December.

Shelley Loe, the Executive Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, gave an annual report on the chamber’s activities. Announcements included Christmas activities in the upcoming weeks, new and upcoming businesses to Arkadelphia, and the chamber’s efforts in catering and emphasizing Arkadelphia’s tourist attractions to a broader audience.

There were several ordinances brought before the board including the 2014 Arkansas Energy Code and 2017 Electrical Codes. Also an ordinance regarding employee to contract Services and the setting a Five Mill tax rate were read for the third and final time. The board also read and considered rezoning a portion of property at 1412 Pine which is connected to the developing MLK Park. The rezoning will move the property from Medium-Density Residential Use to Highway Commercial.

Also, changes to the original Transient Business ordinance were made. This primarily affects how a vendor is issued, receives, and retains their permit, as well as how background checks are performed. For more information on new ordinances visit

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