Poultry Chain 2019 announced for local 4Hers

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This year we going to have brown egg layers, the Hyline Brown. These are large bodied, docile birds and are fantastic egg producers. Each 4-H’er who participates will receive up to 20 birds. The cost to participate in 4-H Poultry Chain is $25.00. Hyline males will be available for order, with a maximum of five males per one set of hens. The males will be $.50 cents each. To participate you must be an active 4-H member. Go online and sign up at 4-H Online, Choose Arkansas and follow the instructions.
The target delivery date is Thursday, April 4th (current projected date set by hatchery). All Poultry chain orders are due by Monday, March 4. We can begin taking orders now.
Please come by the Hempstead County Extension Office to place or pay for your orders. Only one order per 4-Her.
For more information about the Poultry Chain please come by the Hempstead County Ext. Service at Hempstead Courthouse. First floor, suite 105 at 400 S. Washington in Hope AR or call at 870-777-5771. Ask for Sarah or Sandra. No time to come by or call? No problem just shoot us an email at: [email protected] or [email protected]

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