Day/Time: Wednesday, August 19th at 7:00 AM or 7:00 PM

Prayer Walk: An activity that consists of walking & praying at the same time.  Walk the perimeter of one of the locations listed below & pray. The location is not as important as the call to prayer.  If you are not able to walk outside, please pray in the quiet of your home.

Purpose: To cover our community in prayer.  Due to COVID-19 cases in Arkansas, we are asking our community to walk & pray in various locations throughout Hope & Hempstead County.

Plan: Prior to the “Call to Action”, please think about forming small groups for the purpose of prayer walking.  We encourage family groups that could include your church family.  This Call to Action day/time(s) is just that.  Our prayer is that this day will only serve as a starting point for community-wide prayer walks that will continue beyond August 19. 

Remember – keep your prayer walking group to 10 or less.  Of course, multiple groups may participate.  Small groups will be able to socially distance from other groups if you show up at the same location to pray. 

Locations throughout Hempstead County: Blevins, Emmet, Fulton, Hope, McCaskill, Oakhaven, Ozan, Patmos, Perrytown, Spring Hill and Washington.

  • All school districts & all campuses within each district
  • All churches throughout Hope & Hempstead County
  • Wadley Regional Medical Center, clinics, & long-term care facilities and nursing homes
  • UAHT & Hempstead Hall
  • Downtown Hope
  • Businesses & Industries 
  • Neighborhoods
  • If you choose to pray in a location not listed, please do so.  Thank you.

Cooperative, Community Gathering: We are not seeking Facebook posts of people walking and praying.  We are praying for a group or individual to step up and provide funds for the printing of signs (Idea: tee box signs that can be placed in the ground) that state “COVERED IN PRAYER”.  The signs would be placed in every location where prayer walking is taking place.  Posting of these pictures is a must since we (community) will see the signs and be reminded.  For those not able to walk, they will be able to join us by praying in the comfort and safety of their home.

Prayer Prompts to use if you would like to do so:

  1. Pray for God to bless and guide our school administrators, principals, teachers and all who serve in one capacity or another. Pray for them as new rules and new safety measures are being put in place.  Pray for their strength & their health.  
  2. Pray for our children (no matter the age).  Pray for calm assurance as they start the new year during this unusual (and unique) time.  No matter the choice in education (on campus, virtual or both), please pray for students to be involved, encouraged, and excited about the year ahead.
  3. Pray for all who serve in the healthcare field.  Pray for their strength & their health (including mental clarity) as they are bombarded with rules/regs. Pray they receive encouragement and support!  Pray for family members (community members) who are in the hospital receiving care.  
  4. Pray for our nursing homes and long-term care facilities.  Pray not only for those who serve in various capacities, but also pray for the residents. 
  5. Pray for our churches. Strength!  Unity!  Bold witness in service to others!
  6. Pray for UAHT & Hempstead Hall as they prepare to welcome students and put new programs, services, activities & events in place. 
  7. Pray for our business community.  Whether the businesses are struggling to survive or thriving, thank the Lord for people in business who stand ready to serve our community.  Pray for the return of customers!  Pray for strength as they continue putting new plans in place to provide services to our community & beyond.  Pray for them to have clarity in the workplace as plans unfold.  Pray for their safety and health. 
  8. Pray for our community leaders.  Pray for wisdom and clarity in the days, weeks & months ahead. 
  9. Pray for our families (all neighborhoods throughout Hope & Hempstead County).  Prayers of safety.  Prayers of peace.  

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