Prepay Now Available at HWL

HWL is also implementing PrePay.  You can prepay your utility bill in lieu of a utility deposit.  We all know that people go through various things in life which might reflect on your credit score.  If it does don’t worry.  You can still get your utilities turned on by opting to do prepay.  The prepay does not require a utility deposit.  It only requires an initial fifty dollars ($50) to setup your account.  The money is not a deposit; it goes toward your usage.  You will be responsible for monitoring your usage in order to ensure that you keep money on the account.  If the account gets to a zero (0) balance, it will automatically get turned off.  The Pepay setup can be used for someone that is on disconnect for non-payment of your utility bill.  If you have a utility deposit, you can opt into prepay by having your utility deposit moved to the prepay account to take care of your utility bill.  The SmartHub App will help you keep track of your usage.  It will send reminders (if you setup your account for a reminder) either electronically or via text if your usage gets below $20.  You will get a reminder every day until you bring your balance above $20.  If you let the account get disconnected, you will have to pay a minimum of $50 in addition to any balances owed on the account to have your service restored.  The $50 is not a disconnect fee.  It goes toward your usage.  There is no service charge or cutoff fee for prepay accounts.  This is the perfect situation for someone that does not want to put up a utility deposit, someone who wants to manage their usage through the App or someone who is on disconnect for non-payment of their account.  Please call or stop by the office to visit with us for more information about PrePay.

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