Prescott City Council on Pit Bull Problems and SWEPCO Bill

The Prescott City Council met Monday, March 15 for their regular meeting to discuss their agenda. The meeting began with invocation and the pledge followed by approval of the minutes from the last meeting. The council also approved the police report and February 2021 Financials.

Jamie Hillery shared updates for the Chamber of Commerce. Hillery presented the council a monthly report and asked for review and shared information on the “Keep Arkansas Beautiful” that will soon take place on May 5th of this year scheduled with the sanitation department. “Last year we weren’t able to do this, so I’m hoping for a big turn out this year because its a really helpful cause,” said Hillery.

Chief of Police, Ann Jordan was present at the meeting to discuss the current Pit Bull dog problem within the city limits of Prescott. Jordan proposed the idea of removing or changing the 10 day grace period between citation and removal of the dog from the area because it seems people aren’t following orders. Patricia Roberts mentioned that she had a pit bull show up in her front yard recently and it stayed for a couple of days. “I was too scared to leave my home because the pit bull would not leave, so I had to call authorities,” she shared. Jerry Hightower shared that when the ordinance was put in place in 2009 allowing the 10 day grace period, they should have removed section five that is pertaining to the grace period. The council decided to review the ordinance and work out a way to resolve the problem. They will discuss the matter again at the next meeting.

Electric Department Supervisor, Larry Jones presented the recent bill from SWEPCO amounting to about $2 million compared to the amount they usually pay equalling around $400,000. The increase is due to the winter weather that was recently experienced and the increase of gas prices in the US. Many cities have received a substantial bill for the month of February. Several council members spoke out against the bill saying they should not have to pay the extra amount, and that SWEPCO should take responsibility. The council motioned and approved the action to only pay the amount they usually pay and refute the excess amount until something can be worked out with SWEPCO. They will be meeting with Prosecuting Attorney Glenn Vasser to work out the details of the refutal.

The meeting was adjourned and they will reconvene next month for their regular meeting.

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