Prescott City Council votes on new ordinance for timeline of yard fines

The Prescott City Council met this evening and voted on two motions. After the approval of last month’s minutes and the financial statement, a resolution was brought to the council regarding the Potlatch property. No Way Pulpwood has a contract with the city to store logs on the property and tonight’s resolution referred to two changes in the contract: the times for locking the gate and the amount of days allowed to No Way in the event of sale. The contract now states that the gate will be locked at all times only when an employee is not present, and No Way Pulpwood is now allowed 120 days, instead of the previous 60, in the event of a firm offer of the sale of the property. The council voted and Resolution Number Six of 2021 was approved.

The second item on the agenda was the ordinance concerning the time frame provided to property owners regarding the elimination of any unsanitary, unsightly, or unhealthy conditions of the property. The ordinance states that property owners have 14 days after a written notice has been issued to fulfill the duties specified. A discussion was held about the format in which property owners are initially notified of rules and it was decided that more information was needed. To reassure local residents that all property owners are held to the same standard, the avenue in which out-of-town property owners are held responsible for the fines was also discussed. Ordinance Number Four of 2021 was approved.

In other business, Mayor Oliver requested a committee be formed to address the issue of the sizable electric bill left over from February’s Severe winter weather.

The question of how to spend the ARPA funds was asked by a council member, but it was determined that it is too soon to make those decisions.

Rounding out the evening, a discussion was held regarding jurisdiction and boundaries of a police officer hired by the Prescott School District and the Prescott City Police. Council members determined the need for such boundaries, but the issue was tabled for a later time and the meeting was adjourned.

The next Prescott City Council Meeting will be held November 22nd at 6:30 pm.

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