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Prescott High awards diplomas to 64

Highest Honor Graduate-to-be Judd Milam provides the Welcome and Introduction of Superintendent portion of the Prescott High School Commencement Sunday afternoon.

Prescott High School’s 2022 commencement drew enough spectators to overflow the bleachers and restrict latecomers to standing room only at the school’s gymnasium.

Starting promptly at 3 p.m. Sunday, the ceremony began with the processional march proceeding to the tune of Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance,” then a prayer by Kiesha Kyrie Johnson, one of five Senior Highest Honors graduates-to-be.

Judd Lane Milam followed with a welcome and introduction of Superintendent of Prescott Schools Robert Poole, who led a moment of recognition of the district’s school board and administration.

The five soon-to-be Senior Highest Honor graduates were then asked to stand and be introduced. Then the ten Senior Honor graduates-to-be were recognized.

Prescott High Principal Tommy Poole handed out the diplomas as President of the School Board, Jo Beth Glass read names. Cheers and sometimes roars broke out as each name was read and each student received their respective document.

Following the playing of the Alma Mater, Jodie Rae Lathrop, another Senior Highest Honors prospective graduate led a prayer.

The confirmation of graduates, and the ceremonial rightward movement of their tassels was presided over by Tommy Poole. After this came a spirited throwing of mortarboards aloft, after which the graduates made their way to their families and on to whatever comes next.

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