Prescott lights up the night sky with Firework Celebration

Prescott’s Firework Celebration took place last night at the Prescott High School Football Stadium with numerous spectators sitting in the stands, as well as many of the surrounding streets to watch the show. Children and adults of all ages displayed awe and excitement at the dazzling sparkles and shimmers shooting across the night sky. In addition to the spectacular light display, participants enjoyed tasty treats from Hurricane Henry’s Shaved Ice and the Lions Club stand. For his third year, Jerry Hightower set off the fireworks for the crowd, and he said there were 154 cakes (groups of fireworks) to provide a great show for Prescott citizens. The Prescott Fire Department (PFD) was on the scene, as well, to provide backup and safety measures. Multiple local residents expressed appreciation for the city, the chamber, the school, the Hightower family, and the PFD for this fun and family-friendly Independence Day Celebration, and many of the kiddos said their favorite part of the night was, of course, the fireworks show.

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