Prescott Mayoral Candidate Colby Tillman releases statement for Black History Month

Press Release

Since the earlier days of American History, black history has immensely contributed to the carving of our nation. From the slaves who quarried the stone to build buildings to the soldiers who fought for our nation’s freedom and others worldwide. We are the scientists and inventors who helped unleash American innovation, but also countless, nameless heroes who marched for equality and justice for all of us.

In 2019, I was elected as the first African American Constable of the Missouri Township.

In August of 2020, former Chief of Police Joseph Beavers appointed me as Criminal Investigator making me the first African American Criminal Investigator for the Prescott Police Department.

In 2022, I have become the first African American Mayor candidate of Prescott, Arkansas.

Please join me in celebrating Black History Month.

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