Prescott/Nevada County Library Delights Children With Animalogy Show

The Prescott/Nevada County Library concluded its Tails and Tales Summer Reading Program today with the best show yet, and the kids were ecstatic about the day’s event. Animology was on the scene with live animals for the kiddos to admire and help them learn some fun wildlife facts. The animals present today were a Eurasian eagle owl, the biggest owl in the world, a Flemish giant rabbit, the largest species of rabbit, a yellow-naped Amazon parrot named Rainbow, a veiled chameleon, a legless lizard, and a very large red-tailed boa constrictor. A few of the children may not have wanted to get too close to the reptiles, but all of the kiddos were extremely excited about seeing these animals, especially the fluffy giant bunny and the very talkative parrot. Rainbow stole the show by constantly chattering throughout the presentation and then leaving the room with a whistle and exclaiming “Pretty Bird!” Animalogy rep Shawna Adams spends her days traveling to schools, libraries, and other establishments to present these shows to the children and teach them fun facts about wildlife. She said, “I’ve been to Prescott a few times now, and I love this area. It’s a great place to be and I’m excited to be back here to see the children and show them the animals.” Treats were provided after the show; the snacks were donated by Prescott Rotary and Cash Saver, plus coupons for ice cream cones were donated by Sonic. Overall, the day was a success and the kids had a blast while learning some interesting facts about wildlife.

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