Prescott School District Honors Former Curley Wolves

The Prescott School District and Superintendent Robert Poole joined together with the Prescott community remembering two very special former Curley Wolves George Stockton and William Mullins on Friday night.

George Stockton volunteered 15 years on the Curley Wolf chain gang. He was a former player, community member, devoted father and husband. Friday, the district was joined by George’s family who will continue the great legacy he has passed down from generation to generation. Prescott School District would thank George for his dedicated service to the Curley Wolves football program and are also thankful for his family for joining them to allow them to honor his name and his service as a great person in our community.

Superintendent Poole presented the George Stockton family with a plaque reading “Remembering and honoring George Stockton for 15 years of dedicated service and commitment to the Prescott Curley Wolves.”

Also recognized and honored was Williams Mullins, who was often referred to as “Dr. Mullins” because they believed he could fix anything. William Mullins volunteered as a trainer for 25 years for the Curley Wolves football program. William worked for the Prescott community at the bank and in many other aspects as a dedicated citizen. He was also a devoted father, husband and grandfather.

Superintendent Robert Poole presented William’s family with a plaque in his honor that read, “Remembering and honoring William Mullins for 25 years of dedicated service and commitment to the Prescott Curley Wolves.

Prescott School District would like to thank everyone for joining them as they celebrated two great men. They will never be forgotten nor will their years of dedicated service. Once a Curley Wolf, Always a Curley Wolf!!

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