Prescott School Millage Passes

The 41.0 mill school tax passed in Prescott in a special election today.

The new tax include 25.0 mills specifically voted for general maintenance and operation, 10.1 mills for debt services previously voted as a continuing levy pledge the retirement of existing bond indebtedness and 5.9 mills for new debt service.

439 voters voted yes to the millage with 308 voting against it.

early voting and absentee voting numbers were close to the same for both sides of the issue, with 199 early votes, 12 abentee votes for the millage and 198 early votes and 16 absentee votes against the millage.

At the polls today, however, it was a much different story. 228 ballots were cast today for the millage and 94 votes were cast against it.

The 41.0 mill property tax increase will be a 5.9 mill increase of the the current tax rate.

All numbers for the election results provided by Nevada County Clerk Julie Oliver.

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