Prescott School Resources Offices Visit Character Education Class

Prescott School District resource officers Colby Tillman and Ketron Purifoy stopped by Ms. Bailey’s character education class last Wednesday.

Officer Tillman shared with the students aspects of his middle and high school education. He discussed the importance of gaining the social and educational skills necessary now to follow a desired career path. 

Officer Tillman reminded students that you may have to try different jobs before you find your desired career. He gained experience at several jobs before he was led to law enforcement. He shared that it can be difficult to work in law enforcement, especially in your childhood town, because some may want to be exempt from rules, laws, and consequences.  

Officer Tillman asked the students, “Do you feel we are apart of positive changes on the campus? “ He encourage the students to be a part of positive changes and to trust the school resource officers. A two-way truth system could eliminate several negative school concerns.

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