Prescott’s Huett Family endows scholarships at UAHT

UAHT Foundation receives $75,000 from brothers

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The Huett brothers, Ronald and Michael, of Prescott, Arkansas, recently donated $75,000 to the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Foundation to create three endowed scholarships. The donation was made in memory of their parents and grandparents.
“Our parents and grandparents all had an appreciation for education,” said Ronald. “One day our mother read an article of another family establishing an endowment at the College and let us know that one day she would like to do the same.”
Two of the scholarships, the Deward and Allie Collier Endowed Scholarship, and the Hamp and Pearl Huett Endowed Scholarship, are established in memory of the Huett’s grandparents. The Deward and Allie Collier Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to a nontraditional student in the health professions division with preference given to students from Hempstead or Nevada County public schools.
“All of our parents and grandparents had health issues toward the end of their lives,” said Ronald. “We were fortunate to have a lot of good healthcare professionals help them, and we want to give students the opportunity to become caring healthcare professionals that can help other families in the future.”
The Hamp and Pearl Huett Endowed Scholarship will be awarded to a first-generation college student in the technical and industrial field with preference given to students from Hempstead or Nevada County public schools.
“Our grandparents and parents were born in and have been lifelong residents of Hempstead County,” said Michael. “It is an honor to give back to the place they called home and held dear for so many years.”
One of the scholarships, the Raymond and Louise Huett Endowed Scholarship, was established in memory of the Huett’s parents. This scholarship will be awarded to a first generation student with preference given to graduates of Prescott High School.
“Our grandparents and parents came of age during World War I, the Great Depression, and World War II,” said the brothers. “Due to these circumstances, they were not able to attain education beyond high school, but they understood the importance of college and vocational training.”
“Our parents and grandparents had to go to work, join the military and do what was necessary to raise and support their families, and support their country,” the brothers said. “This created a determination in them to protect the American Dream for which they had fought and sacrificed. They gave us safe and loving homes, instilled in us a solid work ethic, and taught us to value education. They made sure we completed high school, pursued education beyond high school, and encouraged us to travel and experience all that America had to offer. They encouraged us to create our own American Dream.
“The American Dream is the ideal that everyone should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative. We can think of no better way to carry forward our parent’s and grandparent’s legacies, and that ideal, than to help someone further their education and achieve their American Dream through this endowment.”

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