Public Hearing Held to Approve Resolutions for Prescott Drainage Project

A Public Hearing was held at the Prescott Municipal Building before the City Council Meeting this evening to discuss the resolutions needed for the city to apply for a grant that will address some drainage issues across the city.  The city is applying for a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Arkansas Economic Development Commission and hopes to receive approximately $300,000 for the Prescott Drainage Project. If the grant is approved, the priority areas will include the following: Laurel St., 3rd St., Hayes St., a portion of Arnold St., an area near Garland, and some other areas on the west side of the city. (See map above)

Before applying for the grant, the City Council needed to pass the following five resolutions:

  1. Open a separate bank account for the funds
  2. Submitting the application
  3. The designation of Southwest Arkansas Development & Planning as Grant Administrator
  4. A Fair Housing Resolution for all citizens
  5. An Excessive Force Resolution stating local law enforcement continues to adhere to state laws regarding non-violent civil rights demonstrations 

Council Member Austin asked if some of the grant funds could be used for streets. Mayor Terry Oliver and Director of Economic Development Mary Godwin said that a state street aid grant has already been awarded to the city and that work will begin this year. 

After some discussion and the perusal of the map containing the areas for the Prescott Drainage Project, the Council voted on and approved all five resolutions, making it possible to now submit the application for this grant. 

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