Quorum Court approves $200,000 transfer for payroll

By Rick Kennedy, managing editor
The Hempstead County Quorum Court met in a rare early morning session Monday with a single item agenda, an ordinance to transfer $200,000 from the county’s hospital investment fund to county general.
Justice Ed Darling, who was served as the Quorum Court’s finance chairman, said cash flow issues and needing to address an upcoming payroll necessitated the need for the unusual early morning meeting. The Quorum Court has a regular meeting already scheduled later this week on Thursday, March 28.
Darling said early year revenues had not met expectations, and he also emphasized that the transfer for $200,000 was a loan that he said the county will pay back to the hospital fund, not a permanent transfer.
County Clerk Karen Smith said the transfer would place the hospital fund at $767,000 from $967,000.
Both Darling and Smith, in separate statements, estimated that the reimbursement back to the hospital fund would likely occur in June or July as county tax revenues came in.
The Quorum Court, which had a quorum with Doris Brown, James Griffin and Jessie Henry not present Monday morning, passed the measure unanimously by roll call vote. The meeting was then adjourned immediately afterwards with no other business conducted or discussed.

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