Quorum Court Talks Cold Run Creek Bridge, Grants and Fall Festival

The Nevada County Quorum Court met briefly Tuesday to take care of the county’s monthly business. Addressed were the Cold Run Creek Bridge project, the road budget and updates on grants awarded in the county.

Road and Bridge

Judge Mark Glass said that the bridge that crosses Cold Run Creek, and has been the source of much frustration for some residents of Nevada County, has had a temporary fix to make it usable until plans to replace it can be finalized and the construction begin. Judge Glass said that the county spent $18,000 to make repairs and that both lanes are open. The contract to make the temporary repairs was awarded to Ed Cross.

Concerns about the bridge’s load limit and the use of it by log trucks were voiced in the meeting. Judge Glass said that he has been in contact with the state and they will be coming to inspect the bridge at some point and will determine the load limit and that the heavy trucks’ use of the bridge needs to be limited.

As far as the Road Department Budget, Judge Glass said that he has spent almost the entire budget for the year dealing with issues around the county. The budget was hit hard by heavy rain and flooding earlier in the year and the massive flooding of the Little Missouri River in July. Glass said that tax revenue will be coming into the county in the next month and that the county is expecting about $69,000 from the State of Arkansas for disaster relief from the May storms. Judge Glass said that they hoped to receive federal disaster relief funds as well but the estimated costs of storm damages fell just short of the threshold. Glass said that ADEM Coordinator Teresa Smith is petitioning the federal government to attempt to get the funds from FEMA.

Economic Development Report

Prescott-Nevada County Economic Development Office Executive Director Mary Godwin reported that the Oak Grove community Center project had received a grant for $75,000 to remodel the old school building into a community center and that the Laneburg Fire Department received a grant for around $15,000.

Chamber Update

Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Jamie Hillery told the Quorum Court that they are ready for the Fall Festival this Saturday. The Fall Festival will take place from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Saturday, October 12. There will be a 5K run/walk at 8 a.m. just before the festival and there will be events, games, vendors, raffles and contests throughout the day.

Courthouse Benches

Deputy Robert Missey reported back to the court with a quote on purchasing new benches for the Nevada County Courthouse courtroom. Missey said there have been issues with a couple of the seats in the courtroom collapsing on people. Missey said that benches would cost the county $10,900 without cushions and just over $14,000 with them. One J.P. expressed concern about spending the money this year since the funds are not in the 2019 budget. The Court decided to table the issue until after the first of the year.

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