Rapert honored at UACCH Library

University of Arkansas Community College at Hope Chancellor Chris Thomason unveiled a new plaque honoring former Chancellor Johnny Rapert at the Rapert Library Complex Thursday afternoon on the UACCH campus. Thomason also spoke briefly about the recent improvements made to the library.
Mrs. Patricia Rapert and her family were guests of honor a long with present and former college associates.
“It’s just overwhelming,” the wife of the late chancellor, Mrs. Patricia Rapert said about the library and the new plaque honoring Rapert.
“He would be elated to see this,” daughter Constance Rapert Alvarez added looking at the clear and modern addition to the library.
“He would be grinning from ear to ear,” Mrs. Rapert said with the spirit of confidence of how much her husband would love the event as she accepted the honor on his behalf.
“Today was a wonderful celebration of the history and meaning of the Rapert Library Complex, to not only our institution but the communities we serve,” UACCH present Chancellor said.
“It is also a celebration of the wonderful legacy of Chancellor Johnny Rapert and his significant contribution to the beginning of our campus in the University of Arkansas system.”

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