Reading Fair Winners Named

HOPE – Winners from the recent Southwest Arkansas Educational Cooperative Reading Fair included 15 Hope Public Schools students in first, third, ninth, and tenth grade competitions.

Students were required to read a book, fiction or non-fiction, and create a presentation based upon the characters, plot, theme, and other central information. Each student was also required to demonstrate their understanding of the book and its central elements in a discussion with judges during the competition.

Winners from HPS schools by grade included:

Tenth grade Hope High School – Masie Maclaughlin, first place fiction, “Closed for the Season;” Krystal Vazquez, third place fiction and student choice, “Carrie;” Enrique Solis and Nixey Aguilar, first place fiction technology, “Killing Mr. Griffin;” Julian Chapa and Chandler Flenory, second place fiction technology, “Never Cry Wolf;” Zakarreya White and Maryana Perez, third place fiction technology, “Wonder;” Shakira Arnett, first place nonfiction technology, “Go Ask Alice;” and, Jordyn Simington and Alan Ronquillo, second place nonfiction technology, “The Boy Who Carried Bricks.”

Ninth grade HHS – Cameron Robinson, first place fiction, “The Lovely Bones;” and Camri Cox, first place nonfiction technology, “The Boy Who Carried Bricks.”

Third grade Clinton Primary School – Sekeviah Reliford, student choice fiction, “A Chair for My Mother.”

First grade CPS – Parker Apthorp, student choice fiction, “Elf on a Shelf.”

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